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Established in 2005, in Constanta, as a maritime brokerage firm and with maritime agents services, ORCA SHIPPING has come over time to develop and provide services in all ports in Romania.

     Due to the professionalism of our broker and our team of maritime agents and the experience obtained, we got today, to work with companies from all over Europe.

     Also, in the same time, we specialize in providing logistics solutions such as: national and international auto transport, container shipping transport, customs consultancy. We have the ability and experience to take any type of cargo (bulk, packed in bags, equipment, oversized pieces, rolling stock) and also transport solutions for your goods in containers of 20 ‘or 40’, FCL / LCL these are provided in versions of “port-to-port” or “door to door”.

     With no lack of modesty we can say that in present we can offer the best customized transportation solutions needed and demanding.


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Our agents are always ready to provide services for any type of ship having a vast experience in the field, making all the necessary formalities of arriving ships in Romanian ports (Constanta, Agigea, Mangalia, Medgidia, Midia and the remaining ports in Romania).

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Our charter department offers quick fixing for cargo and ships to Black Sea ports, Mediterranean ports and other European ports.

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Our logistics department offers a diverse flow management of goods to the needs of our clients whether transport in Romania or in another country.

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Str. Hatmanul Arbore no.12-14, Floor 1 Ap. 3, Constanta, Romania

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Str. Hatmanul Arbore
no.12-14, Floor 1 Ap. 3
Constanta, Romania