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Danube Black Sea Canal

We can offer you excellent transport solutions on the Danube with our own or rented barges from our partners, including transhipment and re-export arrangements in the Port of Constanța to overseas destinations.

The Danube is a main European transport axis which, together with the Rhine, stretches from the North Sea to the Black Sea, over a considerable distance of 3500km. The Danube is the most important international river in the world, connecting ten countries.

The most active Danube ports regarding the transhipped volumes are: Izmail, Linz and Galați.

There are two main types of river vessels: self-propelled vessels and barge convoys.

The most common cargoes transported on the Danube are: ores, steel scrap, diversified raw materials, solid fuels, construction materials and cereals.

The Danube-Black Sea Canal connects the port of Cernavodă with the seaport of Constanța, shortening by about 400 the route of goods from the Black Sea to the Danube ports in Central Europe. In addition, using this route, goods from Australia and the Far East, destined for Central Europe, shorten their journey by 4,000 km. Through the opening of the Main – Rhine Canal, in 1992, a direct navigable connection was made between the Port of Constanta and the Port of Rotterdam.

The main advantage of the Danube-Black Sea Canal is the direct connection with the Port of Constanta, the largest seaport on the Black Sea and one of the largest in Europe. The port of Constanta allows the access of seagoing ships of up to 165,000 TDW. By transhipment of cargo in ships of up to 5,000 TDW or in river barges of 3,000 TDW (forming convoys of up to 6, totaling 18,000 TDW), an extremely efficient transport is provided to central Europe.