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Port of Constantza

The port of Constanța is strategically located on the pan-European Rhine-Danube shipping corridor. The port of Constanța is very well located, linking maritime trade routes in the Transcaucasian region, Central Asia and the Far East with the markets of Central and Eastern European states that do not enjoy access to the sea.
With the exception of the Port of Constanța, in the Romanian seaport complex led by the Administration of Maritime Ports SA Constanța we also find the Midia Area and the Mangalia Port.

The port of Constanța has the following characteristics:
– Port equipped with modern facilities and water depths in the port basin suitable for mooring large ships.
– Direct access to Central and Eastern European countries through the Pan European Corridor VII – Danube.
– Freight distribution center to Black Sea ports.
– Good connections with all means of transport: rail, road, river, air and pipelines.
-Allows mooring of any type of ship (river or sea).
– Ro-Ro terminals that communicate with the ports of the Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea;

The Midia area is located on the Black Sea coast, approximately 13.5nm N of Constanța. It was planned and built to provide facilities for the adjacent industrial and petrochemical center. The main industries that use this port are the oil and derivatives industries, such as LPG. The port occupies an area of ​​834 hectares, of which 234 ha is dry, and 600 ha – water.

Mangalia Harbor is located on the Black Sea coast, near the border with Bulgaria and over 260 kilometers north of Istanbul. The North and South Dams have a total length of 2.74 km. In the port of Mangalia we have 4 berths (2 operational berths), with depths of up to 9 meters. This port is mainly used for the transport of general, very heavy and LPG goods.