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Danube Maritime Ports 


The ports at the mouth of the Danube represent a significant treasure for the Romanian industry, but also for the circulation of goods and people. These include:

Port of Galați – Port of Galați is the largest river and sea port on the Danube and the second largest Romanian port. It is located in the city of Galați, and its efficiency and importance are significant, representing a considerable part of the income and jobs within the municipality. In this port, operate a variety of Romanian and foreign companies such as: Damen Group, Arcelor Mittal, Metaltrade etc.

Brăila Port – is one of the largest Romanian river and seaports. Located in the city of Brăila on the Danube, from kilometer 175 to kilometer 167, the port is an important source of income for the city, but also the main point of tourist attraction in the area.

Tulcea Port – is one of the largest and most used ports in our country. Located in the city of Tulcea, between Mm 42 – Mm 34 Danube, both banks, is exactly in the immediate vicinity of the beautiful towns of the Danube Delta. Thus, beyond its essential role in the transit of goods, it is extremely sought after for the transport of people, being the center from where dozens of daily cruise ships leave for the tourist attractions in the Danube Delta. Near the port of Tulcea, we find smaller and lesser known ports, such as Mahmudia, Isaccea and Chilia Veche.

Other smaller ports with less transit by ships are those of Hârșova, Turcoaia, Măcin and Gura Arman.